To foster better integration of immigrants through financial empowerment, civic education, youth engagement and community building.


We are dedicated to seeing a vibrant community that is full of love for its neighbors and that views itself as part of the Memphis community and actively contributes towards the growth and well being of Memphis by addressing the following challenges:

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization


01. Driving

Due to the language barrier, immigrants find it hard to learn how to drive. Most refugees will buy a car in anticipation of learning to drive as opposed to learning to drive in anticipation of buying a car. To address this problem, the Memphis African Community is working towards establishing its own driving school where immigrants will be taught how to drive by fellow immigrants in a language that they can understand

02. Financial Empowerment

Refugees dream of owning homes and starting businesses just like any other American does. However, the financial systems that exist in America are very complex and different from the ones that existed in their countries of origin. Our goal is to establish financial classes to help refugees navigate the financial system. We also seek to teach fundamentals of business ownership for those in the refugee community who would love to establish business as well as offer support in raising capital.

03. Sports

Many children in the refugee community lose hope early fearing that their parents will not be able to afford college for them. We strongly believe that combining academic excellence and sports not only keeps the youth engaged and away from gangs, but also gives them the hope and the possibility of going to any college of their choosing by positioning them to get academic, athletic, and/or need-based scholarships.

04. Reconciliation

Many of our brothers and sisters resettled in America were on opposite sides during the wars that forced them from their homes. Striving to create an environment that is conducive for reconciliation, we organize events that bring together our entire community regardless of color, tribe or religion



The Memphis African Community was formed in the summer of 2016 by a group of immigrants consisting of refugees and former refugees to address some of the challenges that refugees and immigrants at large face as they adapt to life in America. Through a series of community meetings over the course of six months, we were able to identify some of the main challenges faced by refugees as they try to adapt to life in America.

In December of 2016, the Memphis African Community was formed with the goal of addressing some of the most pressing challenges that hinder refugees from becoming highly active contributors to the well-being of the communities in which they have resettled in. 

The Memphis African Community uses a refugee centered approach by organizing monthly forums where refugees air their viewpoints on  particular issues they face and work together to find practical solutions to address these issues.