Our Needs

As we strive to meet some of the community challenges we are limited by our lack of resources. Listed below are some of our most pressing needs.


Binghampton Soccer

Binghampton soccer is one of our greatest and most successful integration avenues. Here, residents of Binghampton between ages 6-19, come together to learn how to play the game of soccer and make new friends. We strongly believe that by doing so, not only do we tackle some of the issues such as bullying and the allure of gangs that individuals in these age groups face, but we also give them the hope of college soccer scholarships and maybe a career in sports. Most of our participants come from low income families and cannot afford the cost associated with enrolling in more established soccer programs across Memphis.

The Binghampton soccer program is free with the only price being the participants’ commitment. We do not hold tryouts as we are dedicated to teaching soccer and keeping the youth engaged in a positive way. In our quest to make this program successful we face a few challenges. Most of the parents whose children attend our training sessions find themselves having to choose between putting food on the table for their children and buying them the sporting apparel that they need.

As a result, most of the children that show up for practice do not have the required apparel and equipment. Also, most of our parents work second shift jobs hence making transportation a huge issue for our program. We are calling on the financial support of all well wishers in addressing these challenges by:

  1. Procuring a 15 seat passenger van to ease transportation issues.

  2. Sponsoring teams or procuring sporting apparel for these teenagers.

  3. Financial assistance to enable some to enroll in competitive soccer leagues across Memphis where they can compete with their peers.




Small Business Start-Ups 

Most refugees end up working in minimum wage jobs because they lack the language skills and knowledge of the financial systems required to transfer their business acumen to America as they are resettled. The Memphis African community seeks to encourage refugees through business ownership workshops to take advantage of their entrepreneurial capabilities as they are resettled in America.

We are currently working with a group of four women in our small business start up program with the goal of helping them establish businesses here in America. It is our hope to transform these individuals and many more like them from refugees to business owners and employers. Your financial support towards this, as well as expert advice for the business ownership workshops is greatly appreciated.